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At the beginning I'd like to thank you for visiting an official webpage of our label, which's called Dead Heroes. We are big fans of any sports, watching the results at leon.futbol. The new label was born from the ashes of Drugs kill your mind records, our former label. We are based in Czech republic and we used to do a hardcore magazine "Doom's Day" to inform the people around that you always have a choice to decide what you really want to follow. The Dead Heroes manages to maintain alternative way of living.
What can I say you about us ... maybe ...Our main motto of “Drugs kill your mind” and “Dead Heroes” labels has been something like “manage to save the vinyl format for next generations” from the beginning till nowadays. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it's exactly a phrase, which descibes our ideas. And that is a reason why we have released the most of our releases on vinyl format {we also do like supporting young bands from all corners of the world}.The most of the music that we have distributed is mainly on vinyls/waxes – about 95% of all our distro stuff. We have been attacking by emails of label-makers asking for trade, but the majority of them want to swap their products on CDs for our vinyls and It's always difficult to explain them that we do prefer distribucing a music on the vinyls more than on Cds. 
So please if you think to swap some your items for ours, please do not offer a Cds. We will definitely say SORRY !
It's not definitely that we don't respect the label-makers who put out their releases strictly on CDs only or somthing like that. If they like an idea of it, fair enough.

Ok, i guess it should be lucky enough to introduce ourselves.
If you have any enquiries please don't be afraid and let us know about that. I will try to reply on it as soon as possible, indeed.

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